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    A MUST for the Food Blogger, Restaurateur and emerging photographers.

    This is a two part series. You will need to bring food items and props to photograph on the second day. Critique and direction is provided. Sign up early, space is limited.



    *Composition is everything. Learn how lens choices, f/stop and camera angles affect your picture.

    *Food photographer's secret tool kit. Having the right tools makes any job easier. I'll demonstrate the specialized tools of my entire kit and provide a resource list as a take away.

    *Natural light or Flash? How, When and Why.

    *Props and Surfaces: learn how they make the shot.

    *Tips and Tricks on styling, food choices for portfolio and tips from decades of working as a commercial food photographer.


    With your own ideas, props and food you shoot portfolio images with my help.


    Join our group review to learn how your images are perceived by your peers and receive a constructive feedback from a pro.

    Once a month a group gathers online to receive feedback about the new favorite image each participant submits in advance. Using a unique set of questions that I have created for my professional portfolio development class, the images are critiqued and the feedback is given. Only one image per registration. Required image format and specs will be sent upon registration. These reviews are a great way to have a fresh look at your work and to grow creatively and professionally.


    From Capture to Output. Learn essential WORKFLOW techniques.

    A three part intensive course that will turn you into a pro editor. Does your hard drive lack organization? Are your files difficult to find and are there duplicates everywhere? Are you feeling overwhelmed looking at all the options LR provides, not sure where to start and how to make the best of your image? Most importantly, do you have an efficient systematic workflow from import to output that brings you joy - from image capture, to processing and sharing your best work in timely, professional manner? If not, this series is perfect for you! Organize your digital studio like a pro and let the creativity flourish.


    Learn to combine Flash and Sunlight like the pros for dramatic looks.

    Learn to use flash outdoors like the professionals do to bring a new level of dramatic expression to your work. This class goes beyond the basics of speedlights to include high speed sync systems, overpowering the sun and combining color filtration for the most creative process.


    The most sought after images today, learn what editors want.

    A beautiful lifestyle portrait is an amazing orchestration of events. You will be working with real people in all kinds of locations. Learn how to work like a conductor to bring out the best story through composition, lighting and posing.


    Classic, Elegant and Beautiful. Learn how to effortlessly recreate this style of lighting seen from cover to cover.

    Have you ever wondered how to recreate the most flattering lighting of all? You have seen it in fashion magazines and in advertising. The concept is simple, but the execution is not. Learn the secrets of beauty lighting and put your own creative spin on the classic technique by developing your own style. A true money maker for a portrait photographer.


    Limited enrollment to a small group of 5. Want to take your photography to the next level, but don't have time to waste?

    Taking the best from my decade of teaching college curriculum classes and 30 years of experience as a commercial photographer, I have created an intensive course that takes you from a beginner to a working pro. A no non-sense system of learning photography for a dedicated, goal minded student. Limited to 5 students to maximize the learning experience. Contact us for more details.


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  • Photography started for me at Brooks Institute of Photography where my love for science and art were smashed together in a life changing way. It continues to be a beautiful journey.


    I tell my students; "remember all you have ever learned in life and put that into the images you make".

    I certainly do.